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photoblog image Don't Touch Me

Don't Touch Me

Don't Touch Me

comments (37)

Such delicacy. I am awestruck.
Kathryn: They are delicate, aren't they? Thanks for looking and leaving a comment.
  • Richa
  • United States
  • 26 Nov 2007, 00:52
Awwww..he is so cute and so pink. Love the capture and the title goes well with it...
Kathryn: Thanks, Richa. I've noted there is such a variance in the colors of flamingoes. I've heard it has quite a bit to do with their diets. Not sure if that is true or not, though. I guess I will put that on my list of things to google!
  • Kay Martin
  • on vacation in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 26 Nov 2007, 01:01
Absolutely beautiful. This should be framed and hung on the wall. Likey for me.
Kathryn: Thanks much, Kay and I will pass your kind words on to my model the next time I visit the Hannover Zoo!
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 26 Nov 2007, 02:34
Unfriendly looking fellow although he is probably thinking that it feels good to finally scratch that itch smile
Kathryn: Martin, as I was watching those guys, I remarked that all they seemed to do was scratch and fuss at each other.
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 26 Nov 2007, 02:40
Beautiful animal...superb picture of a beautiful animal.

keeping that costume clean and neat must be a nearly full-time job.
Kathryn: Ray, I think it was as they groomed nonstop!
  • VZ
  • Atlanta, United States of North America
  • 26 Nov 2007, 03:28
I think I know why he looks unhappy: it's not a manly thing to be dressed in pink, unless you live on Castro Street in San Francisco.
smile Z
Kathryn: Ha Z! Can I surmise that you don't wear pink?
A nice bird and what an attitude !
Kathryn: Thanks, Flo. I'll pass it on to him, although very carefully as he looks so grumpy!
  • Roland
  • France
  • 26 Nov 2007, 06:41
How nice are thoses pink colors... Very nice !
Kathryn: Roland, pink and purple are my two favorite colors! I envy these guys their pink!
  • Helen
  • Albuquerque, NM, United States
  • 26 Nov 2007, 06:58
This is stunning! I love the color! And you captured her eye perfectly!
Kathryn: Thanks, Helen. You know though, for some reason there are times when I upload a photograph to SC and the color fades a bit even though I am saving as sRGB. Have you encountered that before?

She was giving me the eye for sure!
Nice composition. The colour is magnificent and I like the attitude
Kathryn: Thank you so much. Quite an intimidating look, huh?
Delicate colours, grumpy bird! See you have been out recruiting models off the Reeperbahn again ;o)
Kathryn: Funny you'd ask, Mike. I was looking over photos from the last couple of years and here is what I noted, most of my people are fuzzy, faceless, and in B&W, while my birds are crisp, fullfaced, and in living color. Umm now what does that mean?
This is very beautiful. The detail in the feathers is fantastic, and the colour, too. (:o)
Kathryn: Thanks so much. Roz. I actually took a very close up of just the feathers so my old eyes could see them in detail..
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 26 Nov 2007, 09:12
Gorgeous shot, what a beautiful bird.
Kathryn: Oh now there is a compliment coming from the man who takes fantastic bird photographs!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 26 Nov 2007, 10:04
Excellent detail and capture of the hues of this flamingo. It is checking you with a beady eye.
Kathryn: Thanks, Louis. I was happy there was a little distance between me and my fine feathered friend.
  • Ginnie
  • United States
  • 26 Nov 2007, 10:09
It's a fabulous crop, Kathryn! And you sure caught his attitude. smile
Kathryn: Thanks, Ginnie. Their attitudes are up and front!
  • Ann
  • 26 Nov 2007, 10:09
Beautiful photo ... I agree with your title ... It's eye is just telling us that If we touch it, we die !!! I like it ... Ann
Kathryn: Ann, or at the very least lose a few fingers. Thanks for looking at for your comment.
You, my dear, are getting the eye. Lovely shot of pink.
Kathryn: Indeed, Mary. I was warned and was careful to heed that warning!
Wow Kathryn, this one is perfect, I shouldn't like to touch him by the way, his expression is even a bit scary : Hat off !!!
Kathryn: Thank you so much. His feathers and colors tempted me to touch, but that look in his eye said, "Don't even think of it!"
awesome crop
Kathryn: Danke sehr. Glad you like it!
Absolutely STUNNING Kathryn!
Kathryn: Awww shucks, Scarlet. He is kinda cute isn't he, in a rattlesnack kind of way.
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Nov 2007, 14:36
Pretty pink flamingo,with attitude!! Great detail
Kathryn: Thanks, Tracy. He is "pretty in pink"
  • Astrid
  • The Netherlands
  • 26 Nov 2007, 15:49
Look at that eye, WOW scary!, very well captured Kathryn, who took its toy away grin
Kathryn: lol Astrid. Now I must ask, how old are you children that you know that "took my toy away" look?
  • DrAW!
  • 26 Nov 2007, 16:43
wouldn't dream of touching her/him kathryn!
you really captured the delicacy
Kathryn: Thanks Doc. Nice to see you around again. I've missed you.
  • Trudie
  • South Africa
  • 26 Nov 2007, 16:46
That is so beautiful! I love all the sharp detail
Kathryn: Trudie, thanks for the comment. I think they are so lovely too.
What a sumptuous speciment, well captured, but I had to laugh at VZ's comments!
Kathryn: lol Ingrid, me too! Thanks for the comment.
Beautiful picture Kathryn. Must be something to do with the name but my daughter Kathryn loves pink.
Kathryn: Bill, thank you for the comment on the picture. While most KathRYNs misspell their names (Catherine, Kathrin, etc), we Kathryns who spell our names correctly, stick together on most things and certainly on something as important as loving the color pink. Pass that along to her for me, will you?
  • Pilgrim
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Nov 2007, 19:47
Beatiful capture Kathryn. Fabulous yet delicate colouring and dof is spot on. Excellent. David.
Kathryn: Danke sehr, David. I figured it was time for something recognizable and nonblurry smile
Great composition and colors. Kudos.
Great composition and colors. Kudos.
Kathryn: Thanks to the magic of crop and his natural colors!
you never stop amazing me with your array of fabulous shots Kathryn,well done.
  • PhotoSam
  • London, U.K.
  • 26 Nov 2007, 21:06
looks sulky...lovely pink...
  • Chris
  • Lost in space!
  • 26 Nov 2007, 22:02
Excellent Kathryn smile
  • Ellie
  • England
  • 26 Nov 2007, 23:13
Oh my! Wow! The title says it all, the picture is astonishingly good.
  • mick
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 27 Nov 2007, 11:37
excellent shot kathryn,its loveley.
  • Richard Trim
  • ... driving from Norwich UK
  • 27 Nov 2007, 13:00
For me this is better than the one you're going to post tomorrow! ... Ha! Now work that out? richard.
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 27 Nov 2007, 13:24
this is undeniably exquisite! for me a 'get to know your flamingo' shot.
Wow! Lovely!

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