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photoblog image Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

comments (33)

  • Martin
  • United States
  • 18 Jan 2008, 00:16
This an amazingly lonely looking horse. Nice work!
Kathryn: Martin, in reality he is the horse that lives in the barn next to my house, but at night he becomes one of Achilles immortal horses, born of storm spirits and conceived by the west wind. At least in my mind smile
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 18 Jan 2008, 00:21
Swanlake ballet for Horse...superb!
Kathryn: Ray *grin* I now have a vision of horses in tutus that brings to mind Disney's Fantasia and the ballet dancing hippos.
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 18 Jan 2008, 02:42
A haunting image, Kathryn. The shadow is so intriguing..looks like a Knight chess piece. I love the stark yet illuminated environment.
Kathryn: Suzanne, I was intrigued by the shadow and picked his image to post out of a series because of the shadow. I could not get my head around exactly what it looked like other than thinking it resembled a unicorn. You've hit the nail on the head--a chess piece. Thank you.
A lonesome horse with his shadow as only companion. Beautyful lighting and great effect here Kathryn
Kathryn: Thanks, Richard. The lighting is the thing that I like most about it.
  • Shakara
  • United Kingdom
  • 18 Jan 2008, 07:45
This is an outstanding shot ..
Kathryn: Thank you much...nice to know you like it!
  • Nigel Clack
  • Looking forward to the weekend
  • 18 Jan 2008, 08:57
Continuing on an amazing run of photos, just beautiful
Kathryn: Nigel, I have to admit I was pretty pleased with this one and I really didn't do much to it.
Soft and moody.
Very nice light in this shot
Kathryn: Thanks much--the horses live next door in the farmer's barn. Last night someone was working there late and I spied them from my balcony and strolled down with my camera!
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 18 Jan 2008, 11:53
grin me - a horse person - for the first few secs a thought it is a ballerina bending over in that swan lake pose to touch her toes. grin

Excellent - you are on a roll and filling up my gallery.
Kathryn: Honored again, Louis. The colors of the horse and it's movement were so interesting. And I am not a huge horse person.
Another beauty. I love the way that the legs almost disappear. and the softly swishing tail. Good balance of light and shadow.
Kathryn: Thanks much, Ian. The low light was just perfect for this type of shot.
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 18 Jan 2008, 13:18
this from another world smile sublime work, Kathryn. love it !
Kathryn: Nice to hear it, terry...perhaps a leftover from Greek myths?
  • tim
  • leeds, uk
  • 18 Jan 2008, 14:04
Kathryn, i do feel you have posted this in the wrong place, surely it would be better hung from the wall of the local art gallerysmile
Kathryn: Tim, I need to hire you as my PR man smile Thanks much!
How strange, Louis and I thought the same! This is fantastic, Kathryn - amazing light and movement. You are really handling this style of photography with such aplomb, and such an individual touch. (:o)
Kathryn: Thanks so much, Roz. Nice to know I am on the right track.
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 18 Jan 2008, 15:02
Wonderful shot Kathryn.
  • Bill Phillips
  • Droitwich,,,dryish..but for how long?
  • 18 Jan 2008, 15:23
As a rule I don't particularly like pictures where everything is blurred. Ah well, chuck that rule away. This is wonderful Kathryn. It has to be a likey so that I can drool over it again latersmile
Kathryn: Awww thanks, Bill. We are rule breakers, aren't we?
  • VZ
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 18 Jan 2008, 16:02
Aha. Here comes Petra's Pegasus again. I was wondering who will be the next Muse he'll pay his visit to, and now I see. smile
Kathryn: He visits me in my dreams...
  • anniedog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 18 Jan 2008, 18:19
There's something quite scary about this one, as though the horse is being stalked by his shadow. Very creative.
Kathryn: Thanks. Ingrid..
  • blackdog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 18 Jan 2008, 18:23
You have certainly found a rich seam, the images seem to go from strenght to strength.

This one has tremendous depth from the light against dark background, combined with the deep black of the shadow. Head down he plods alone into the void. Where did you see him? Another likey - 2 in a week!!!
Kathryn: Mike, thanks much (yeah 2 in a week from you--wow!) Last night when the moon was low, I looked out my balcony and saw the horses in the corral, someone working in the barn, and the low lights on. I took a few photographs from my balcony (which aren't bad) and then decided to take a little walk down there. Soft lighting from the barn just to the right and front of the photograph and a friendly horse and inquisitive horse who was torn between figuring me out and heading back to his food (which he did repeatedly). I got about 6-8 photos of this quality, but the shadow, light, and the position of his head in this one struck me most. Nice to know it did you too.
  • pixelpixie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 18 Jan 2008, 18:40
Could even be a unicorn!
Kathryn: Yup the shadow looks so unicorn like, doesn't it!
  • Scarlet
  • Netherlands
  • 18 Jan 2008, 21:31
Mystical and fairytell like. I'm expecting a unicorn to appear any minute now.
Kathryn: Maybe he is a unicorn..his shadow sure looks like it.
  • Ellie
  • UK
  • 18 Jan 2008, 23:35
A good picture for a double take,
Kathryn: Or a good double take for a picture. Thanks for you comment, Ellie!
Simply superbe... light - blur.. A likey for me !
Kathryn: Thanks kindly, Roland. Nice to know you like it so much.
  • Ginnie
  • United States
  • 19 Jan 2008, 09:02
I have nothing creative to add to what has already been said, Kathryn! But surely this is a stage on which this strong actor is playing out his role!
Kathryn: Ah, Ginnie, but your comment was very creative.
  • Pops
  • United Kingdom
  • 19 Jan 2008, 10:22
The lighting and the blur have produced a ghostly effect.
Kathryn: Thanks, Pops. At least it is not a ghastly effect smile
  • Chris Phillips
  • 19 Jan 2008, 14:23
Crikey - amazing shot: at first I thought it was a ballet dancer!
Kathryn: Cirikey, Chris. Amazing comment!
Ghostly and beautiful! Well done, Kathryn! I love it...
Kathryn: Nice to hear it, Carla.
lovely effcts. nice picture
Kathryn: Thanks much, Gishan.
  • Chris
  • Isle of Wight (UK)
  • 19 Jan 2008, 20:56
A ballet dancing horse, there's a new TV show wink Intersting effect Kathryn.
  • Richa
  • United States
  • 20 Jan 2008, 03:33
whoa..great one Kathryn. I almost expected a headless knight on top smile
  • liam
  • South Africa
  • 26 Jan 2008, 05:12
I just read this is a horse...i honestly thought it was ballerina hunched over in a pose!!!...which also would have been brilliant. Faaaantastic! Love the lighting from the side/ back

Wonderful effect ! It's a masterpiece and a likey for my collector !!
Love this effect of movement!
Waouh!!... It's the only word I can find! It makes me thinking about Bartabas, a French guy, very well known in France but abroad as well. Something like 15 years ago he created Zingaro that performs fabulous horse choregraphies. If you have the opportunity, go and see one of his shows. Regards, Laurence
Kathryn: I am going to look him up. Thanks for the tip. I have another horse photograph that I took this same evening, that I may post in the next few days. I appreciate your taking the time to check out my blog and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more of yours and exchanging thoughts.
gorgeous image...i love the poetry in this image...wonderfully done....cheers

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