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photoblog image In Shades of Gray 2 of 6: Illusions

In Shades of Gray 2 of 6: Illusions

In Shades of Gray,
Milky illusions shovel themselves into bottomless pits.

In Shades of Gray 2 of 6: Illusions

In Shades of Gray,
Milky illusions shovel themselves into bottomless pits.

comments (25)

  • VZ
  • United States
  • 9 Oct 2008, 00:17
I think this is better viewed with a black background, as the frame gives a thought a starting point. As one sees and understands the symbiosis of two trees, one can switch back to the white theme and keep digging deeper into the words and image.
Kathryn: The two trees become one...
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 9 Oct 2008, 00:30
Wonderful stuff, Kathryn.
Gives me [the viewer] plenty to do.
Kathryn: I wonder what you did with the plenty to do I gave you.
This is interesting, Kathryn. I refreshed a couple of times before I realized the image was there. :o) I like it.
Kathryn: What did you see when you realized the image was there?
  • makoto
  • Japan
  • 9 Oct 2008, 01:48
I really love this simplicity. Excellent work.
Kathryn: Simplicity, makoto. Hard to be simple when things are in shades of gray.
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 9 Oct 2008, 03:05
This doesn't look like the bottom of a bottomless pit, but it IS lovely work!
Kathryn: I think the illusion of the bottom of the bottomless pit is enough, do you, Martin?
  • Ada
  • a very dark room
  • 9 Oct 2008, 04:55
Great stuff....I can't imagine how you came up with it.
Kathryn: Here is how, Ada. I was inspired by silence and the grayness I felt.
First thing I did was to change the background to black, then scrolled up to crop out half the top. What is left is very very nice.
Kathryn: Glad to know that worked for you. I never looked at it framed in black, because for me, the illusion of it is the lack of boundaries. But I am glad to know the change worked for you, Bill. Thanks!
Perfect and a Likey
Kathryn: smile Nigel. If only.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 9 Oct 2008, 08:16
Dammit - viktor is right again! Definitely better with the black background I think. I love the spareness of this - two trees huddling together for company/warmth/reassurance!
Kathryn: As I said to Bill, I've never looked at it with a black background because for me the illusion and spareness happens when I look at it without defined boundaries. nice know you like it...
  • VZ
  • United States
  • 9 Oct 2008, 11:29
this image is a lovers' warm fresh breath before a kiss on a frosty winter morning
Kathryn: and the never forgetting the feel of the breath or the taste of that kiss
Kathryn: thanks, doc!
  • Josep
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 9 Oct 2008, 16:06
Great work! Can not see the border of deams!
Kathryn: Dreams have no borders, Josep.
wonderful and soft and boundless in its own way.
Kathryn: boundless in its own way....or the illusion of being boundless?
Choices choices.
The illusion ... Is it fading or forming?
A dilemna that will be resolved depending on our own personal state of mind.

For me it's the freedom of not having to decide ...

Kathryn: Good question and observation, Richard. I had not looked at it from the perspective of forming, but only fading. You've deepened my thinking and given me a little more freedom. Thanks.
unique shot in my view, superb image Kathryn smile
Kathryn: Tim, it is easy to fall into a rut of doing what we are comfortable with. For me the challenge is trying to break out of my self imposed mold and both see and express things in unique ways. Not an easy thing to do.
  • Ellie
  • United Kingdom
  • 9 Oct 2008, 18:26
I switched to the black background so I could "see" the picture more clearly, but what I really think is that it could stand on its own as a large piece of art in somewhere expensive

I like it, and I think it's very brave
Kathryn: Somewhere expensive? What about somewhere plain and old and and in need of an illusion?

Thank you, Eilie. I am glad you like it. Although I wonder what you mean by brave?
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 10 Oct 2008, 00:53
Well, Kathryn...what it did was transport me into one of my favourite fantasylands.

I have never lived in snow-covered, extremely cold places. I have a fantasy view of that life, fueled when I read and re-read books like "This Accursed Land [Lennard Bickel] and "Call of the Wild" [Jack London] and "Frankenstein" [Mary Shelley] as a child, and reinforced by "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow" [Peter Hoeg] as an Adult.

This image took me back where the pixel detail is sparse but the imagined detail is boundless...
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 10 Oct 2008, 11:35
Don't agree about the black background. The illusion is very much an illusion because it dissolves into the white background as a bottomless pit. Excellent.
was there not a small cluster of a couple of trees in the lower far right corner, and a graduated strip of land?
this works better wihout any defined boundaries: no need for a beginning or an end.
I'm in absolute awe of this image. It captures my 100% attention. I love it.
  • VZ
  • United States
  • 17 Oct 2008, 03:42
A lightest breath of wind in a total stillness, that's what this image is.
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 25 Oct 2008, 18:34
this must be the most delicate picture i've seen ever. love it Kathryn. the white background enhances the fragility.
  • K.A.
  • S.A.
  • 9 Nov 2008, 21:42
I am not a photographer expert or something like that Kathryn, but I prefer the white background...because that way, the image is almost invisible as a memory which is almost dying, but fighting for staying in our minds...

"As days pass by
without your presence
I still remember
our times together...

We used to be strong
our lives were as one
two against the buts
sustained by our thoughts...

My mind doesn't accept
that you have left
invisible but there
more evident than then...

I'll keep that image of us
as fresh as I can
even if faded you'll see it
that day, when you come back' (K.A.)
Hermosas fotos.

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